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Culture Never Sleeps

IBM attained its greatest success – and displayed its greatest ability to adapt to a changing world – during the same era that it displayed its strongest cult-like culture
— Jim Collins

Here’s an important piece of truth that we all need to agree on: every organization has a culture. Culture is much like your personal health.  It can be in a lot of states, but it has to be something. It's always there and it affects so much more than we often realize. You can’t have an absence of health. You can have bad health, good health, odd health, or young health, but you can’t escape it. Likewise, your organization has culture and you can't escape it.

Right now as you read this, no matter what time it is or what is going on, your culture is having affect on the way your organization runs. It’s affecting the decisions people make and the actions (or lack there of) that they take. Remember, not matter how you choose to approach culture, the important thing is that you have one. Every group of people has a culture not matter the size. We have a responsibility as leaders to identify it and understand what it’s doing. Is it hurting you or helping you? How can you make culture work for you more effectively? The great thing about culture is it’s always working. It never sleeps. Make it work for you and you’ll leverage a powerful leadership tool.

Are you being intentional about your culture? Do know what it is and how it's affecting your organization?

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