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The Absolute, Definitive, Key to Project Success

Every project team must know and accept two things collectively:

1. Define success

2. Define failure

Your team must know what winning looks like, meaning a vision of the preferred future is critical. Knowing what winning looks like doesn't simply mean a final result either. What does it look like to win the battle today? How does that fit into the master plan? A clear vision of success today, tomorrow, and in the future, is non-negotiable for your whole team. Everyone needs to embrace it and own it. A fractured view of success is a death sentence for your project.

A fractured view of success is a death sentence for your project.

Further, you must have a candid and honest vision of failure. How will you and your team or organization know if this project isn't working? What is failure, both today and in the long term? Clearly identifying and owning a picture of failure balances your success equation. It allows you to know what you're aiming for and running from. Knowing what failure is also clarifies when to walk away.  Sustaining failed endeavors and ideas is one the greatest drainers of resources. It can become your most significant blind spot. Not everything works all the time. Sometimes we need to know when to walk away.

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