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What Your Team Really Wants


I took a teamwork survey from 30 or 40 folks at all levels of different organizations. This was an unscientific survey in that, I simply asked for free form feedback on the subject of, "what does your team need to be effective". The following are some of the answers I received, which represent the general tone of them all. Notice a pattern? I was surprised.

Vision. Goals. Purpose. 

 - People that are committed to the team's goals, which are clearly defined. 

- People who have a defined role that fulfills the team's goals. 

- Respect for other team members, an understanding of their needs, a sense of purpose

- Everyone is excited about the vision or project. 

- A common goal... a feeling of belonging and bringing worth to a greater good. 

- Good leadership, proper planning, effective use of individual talents, shared goals

- Strong leadership, but with everyone contributing to the end goal.

- Teamwork requires all people be willing to subordinate themselves to a higher purpose or goal. They may have differing abilities but must have a common purpose. 

- Decent understanding of the team's ultimate goal. 

- Common vision and goals. 

- Everyone needs to be open-minded and willing to work together to accomplish one goal.

- Commitment by each member to work together and solve problems or set goals

- Unity of Purpose, Trust, Respect, Collaboration, Win-Win Attitudes, Clear Goals

- The same vision, a clear understanding of roles within the team, a positive attitude

- Effective teamwork requires all team members to be working towards a common goal 


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