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You Only Need 1% To Win

There is a concept that exists - some may call it a "law" - called aggregate marginal gains. It sounds a bit intimidating, I know, but it's really quite simple. The basic idea is that improvement aggregates, or builds, over time. Thus, getting a little better consistently will get you big places, and is much more achievable than attempting to get, say, twice as good all at once. It lays out like this: if you get 1% better each day for 70 days, you'd be twice as good in the end. Not so hard, right? Kinda.

Consider this example:

If you own a small business and you set a yearly goal of increasing sales from $1M to $2M, that's noble, but very difficult. How do you go about that? Do you chase one, single, $1M project? If you don't get that one project, it's a complete failure. But what if you set a weekly goal of increasing sales by 1%. Just 1% a week. In a 52 weeks, you would nearly reach the goal of doubling your sales. In 18 months, you will have made it. Week one you would increase just $1,000. In week two, you'd be looking for $1,100. in week 3, with a current $1,002,100 in sales, you be looking for a $1,210 increase. You see the process here?

A 1% increase sounds easy, and it can be, but the hard part is the disciplined work. 

A 1% increase sounds easy, and it can be, but the hard part is the disciplined work. Working at consistent and disciplined effort is the most difficult part of any success. It takes focus and discipline to achieve, but it can be achieved. Remember, when your task seems daunting or a goal seems unattainable, all you really need is 1%. Just keep building - keep laying each brick of the foundation one after another. Before you know it, you'll get there.

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