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Top 6 Quotes from Big Omaha 2015

"Stop talking about features. Focus on creating a brand people identify with. People leave features; they don't leave brands." -David Hauser / @dh

"Futility is 1.8X more powerful an obstacle to speaking up than fear." -Claire Lew / @cjlew23

"As an entrepreneur or investor there are so many things you can't control, you've got to focus on the things you can." -Brad Feld / @bfeld

"Brick & mortar retailers will win with experience. People want things to be experiential." -Mona Bijoor / @monabijoor

"The more you get out of your comfort zone, the more you'll expand your ability to succeed."-Dr. Jennifer Jones / @DrJenniferJones

"Just do the things you know you should be doing. And drink more water" -Marc Hemeon / @hemeon

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