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Sticky Stuff, Take 5

Sticky stuff is my blog series on the things that are sticking with me these days. Music, quotes, video, scripture, pictures, and anything else. Whatever is inspiring me or simply sticking around. 


I can't get enough of Madeon these days. A rising French music producer. It's good for the work day. It's great on a run. It's just so good.

If you're not listening to Tori Kelly... you're really missing out. The former American Idol contestant dropped her first full length album in late June and it's amazing.


In general, I've loving everything from Mattermark Daily. If you like startup and venture capital news, I would highly suggest signing up for this e-mail. Or, you can read the digest online here.

If you haven't read the massive amounts of science, data, psychology, and theory, behind getting more rest then this is a good place to start. In short, take a vacation! 

Over on Storyline, find out about "The Real Key to Success". Spoiler alert: it's grit.

Pierre Entremont, a VC with Otium Capital, put together a great piece on how much money a startup should raise. 

I'm reading, "Rising Strong", by Brene Brown and, "How God Became King", by N.T. Wright. Both very solid reads. This book by N.T. Wright isn't a light read but it's a great perspective. I'd recommend both.

Rising Strong
By Brené Brown


Well, if you haven't seen the Bernie Sanders speech from Liberty University, I'd suggest you check it out bellow. Remember the context here: Democratic presidential candidate at a private Christian University. Props to both sides for making it happen. 


"In a word, let me say: if we might keep in necessary things Unity, in unnecessary things Freedom, and in both Charity, our affairs would certainly be in the best condition." -Rupertus Meldenius, Theologian

"A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed." Proverbs 11:25

"...but when he was alone with his own disciples, he explained everything." Mark 4:34


The Qball. Dodgeball meets video conference. 

Gear Supply Co. is a monthly, boutique, guitar string subscription service.

Don't Become a Lamer Version of Yourself

Be Careful How You Think