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Bringing It All Together

I'm entering 2012 in a much different life situation than this time 2011, or anytime before. As a new father I'm finding my time to be much more in demand. Further, I've found that my personal organization has continued to drift into many different mediums. I journal on paper and in Evernote. I blog in Wordpress and e-mail in both Outlook and Gmail. I am a HUGE whiteboard person! As I've continued to work in a more creative capacity, I've continued to discover that I'm incredibly visually oriented. I see things in pictures and often need to draw things out instead of write them down.

In November of 2010 I launched a company called Thrive Development Group. I intern launched a Facebook Page, Twitter Account, and Blog for this company. Since its launch I've had some fun opportunities to consult with organizations on topics like employee engagement and creativity. This has given me a specific opportunity to write and develop my skills related to my Masters Degree in Organizational Performance. I've met some great people and very much enjoyed this experience. I'm looking forward to many more great things in the future through Thrive.

In 2012 I need to simplify. In short, I no longer have the time to support these multiple accounts and blogs. I blog in three different places with over 10 different social media accounts. Too much for a new dad. I've also found that keeping my life so segmented is really not providing anyone a full picture of me. Finally, there is an overall need for me to simplify my organization. I need to bring things together in my personal life and business life, my paper life and digital life, my whiteboard life and napkin life.
To accomplish this, I've decided to do a few new things in 2012. First, I'm going to organize around Google products. I've done some extensive research and testing of multiple applications and options. In the end, Google provides the best set of both features and simplification. Currently my Thrive Development and personal email are with Google, and this will remain the same. I will also be moving all calendars, personal and work related, to Google Calendar. This is in place of my multiple calendars now that exist on my phone and computer. Most of my document work will be moving to Google docs, as well as as other tasks such as storing photos of handwritten notes, pictures, and whiteboard sessions. Finally, and maybe most I importantly, I will be combining my blogs to one single blog powered by blogger, not Wordpress. This means that the Thrive Blog and my personal blog will become one and the same right here at this web address,

There will be much more information to come on the specifics of this move in the future. I'll post tips and tricks like using Google Sync and using Google Docs as a cloud based file system. The important note for now is that my regular friends and followers of all my accounts and blogs will notice additional content and posts that you are probably not used to. Please know that I'm not changing what I post and write, I'm just putting it all in one spot. I'll do my best to organize it with tags so you can find what you are looking for. I'll also do my best to not spam anyone with information you aren't interested in.

If you follow @GroupThrive I encourage you to follow me at @MicahYost on Twitter. Also, I encourage you to friend me on Facebook in addition to the Thrive Development Facebook page. Thrive Development will certainly still exist, but will be much less active in favor of my personal accounts.
Over he next few weeks all blog posts will start to transition to

If you e-mail subscribe to the Thrive Blog, please consider an e-mail subscription to starting in February.

Thanks for sticking with me through the transition! Looking forward to great things in 2012! Keep moving forward.

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