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Review: The Zappos Experience

Dr. Joseph Michelli has long been one of my favorite authors. I started reading his work when I picked up his book "The Starbucks Experience" a while ago. Last year I read his book "The New Gold Standard", and I was very much looking forward to his release of this next great work.

In "The Zappos Experience", Dr. Michelli does a wonderful job of exploring some of the fundamental principals that make Zappos great. I've read "Delivering Happiness", which is a book recently released by the founder of Zappos exploring the company from another perspective. I was nervous that Dr. Michelli's book might end up being a rehash of something we have already seen before, but I found this book to be incredibly fresh and surprisingly practical. There are 5 principals in this book that Michelli draws from his research and VIP access to the company. They are fresh, intriguing, and challenging ideas that could be practically integrated in many small or large organizations today.

This book is good for those that have an interest in topics such as: creativity, brand management, service, call center management, customer engagement, or customer service. I would highly suggest taking the time to read it, and all of the other books by Dr. Michelli. It contains a great social element (including some content written by yours truly) that makes it fun to read and it is packed with application questions and QR code links for bonus content. The book has received rave reviews from some leading minds like Seth Godin who comments:
"Often, business owners look at media darlings like Zappos with their mouths agape, full of awe but unable to take action. For those eager to do more than watch, Joseph Michelli deconstructs the Zappos story and makes it attainable."
A highly recommended read that is very much worth the time invested.

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