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From My Whiteboard :: Online Campus

"From My Whiteboard" is a new series on the blog showing concepts that started on my white board. I'll attempt to show some of the process that takes place from whiteboard to completion. We'll kick it off with a project I recently worked on with my good friend Robert Murphy, the Christ Community Online Campus. Frist you'll see a picture of where we started, which is simply a mind dump of what we needed to discuss in our first offsite meeting. Next you'll see some pictures of a long offsite meeting where we hashed through this entire idea.

The meeting involved Robert Murphy (the lead man on this project), myself, Nancy Fager (our boss), Jordan Johnson , and a special guest in Jason Morris. Jason is the pastor of the Online Campus for Westside Family Church in Kansas City. In this first group picture you see Jordan on the far left, followed by Robert, myself, and Jason on the far right. Next you'll vsee a screen shot of the web page. Huge props to our web guru at CCC, Greg Nunamaker, for making this site work and match the CCC brand. Finally you'll see a short video clip of our first full HD shoot that streamed online. Launching this campus involved a complete HD video upgrade at our Old Mill campus. Overall this was about a 7 month project from concept to launch. Full credit to Robert Murphy for leading this project. It was his baby from the start, and he made it happen. I have enjoyed riding shotgun! Also, be sure to check it out yourself at 10:45am on Sunday mornings.

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