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Google, If You're Reading This...

Here is a wish list of 4 cross-product integrations I think Google needs now.

1. Google Docs to Blogger
Allowing people to use the much more powerful editing and collaboration tools in Google docs and then publish straight to Blogger. Imagine being able to collaborate on a post via Google docs with comments and sharing. Guest bloggers could simply write in Google docs and than share the doc with the editor. No more e-mailing revisions before posting. It would also allow people to use the superior text editing and formatting tools available in Goolge docs.

2. Tasks to Everything
It would be great if tasks could be linked and integrated to all content. Assign an e-mail, blog post, or document to a Google contact as a task. Allow that task to have the collaboration of Google docs like comments and discussion. Allow the task to be accepted and completed by contacts. Create a basic Tasks dashboard to see tasks and their related content, contracts, and discussion.  For know I use a little widget for iOS and Android called GoTask. Integrating tasks across Google products would create some powerful project and department management features.

3. Blogger to Sites
Google sites is interesting. It's a decent backend development area for basic sites. If Google took the Wordpress mindset to Blogger and sites, the potential would be really cool. Look at Blogger as a content management tool for Google sites. Apply themes to sites like you can in Blogger. This would allow a business to create websites in Google sites and integrate those pages onto Blogger, using Blogger to manage the content and statistics. Bringing Docs to Blogger and Sites to Blogger would create an incredibly powerful web tool that could take on Wordpress more directly.

4. Google Docs to Gmail
Google docs does have Gmail integration, which allows you to e-mail a document from within that documents editing page. It's pretty slick, but sometimes I have multiple documents and presentations to share. I also have photos and PDF's I want to attach. It would be very beneficial to be able to attach a Google document to an e-mail from within Gmail. I think it would make using Google Docs much more convenient.

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