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So, About That Book I Was Writing...

"So, I've decided to write a book because it's something I've always wanted to do. I've recently learned that telling people about your ideas is a great way to be sure you actually move forward with them because people hold you accountable. So, this is me telling you my crazy idea so you can hold me accountable. I'm currently 7000 words into it. I'll keep you posted..."

That was a Facebook post I made back on October 10, 2011. Since posting that, many of you have been diligent about checking in with me on this project. As many of you also know, about one month after that post my son Chandler was born. I am so blessed to have the little man around the house, but it has definitely changed life a bit. As he has become a little older I've steadily picked up more time for reading and writing again. I'm not cooking through books like I once was in graduate school, but I'm at least finding time to read. I'm also not able to write as much as I was, but I have found the time to pick up blogging again. This has all been helped by my efforts and simplify and focus, utilizing Google products like calendar and Blogger.

Unfortunately, this is not a post to let know that I will be picking up my book project right now. While I still hope to get to that here soon, it's not yet time. I do keep my printed and marked up manuscript on my bookshelf, which is right behind my desk at home. I pick it up every now and again just to review where I was and keep things fresh in my mind. I did get som significant work done in the month of October, so I thought I would at least share with you the topic and chapter outline of the project.

My intention is write on the general topic of organizational learning. My general thesis is that organizations that excel in their ability to learn will have increased success in today's dynamic business landscape. The project is based around 10 disciplines of a learning organization, which I have spent some time developing on my business blog, Thrive Development Group. One of the major pieces I got done in October was revamping these disciplines from what had originally come about in my blog. At it's outset, the ten disciplines where:

1. Reflect
2. Discuss
3. Measure
4. Small Steps
5. Communicate
6. Educate
7. Candor
8. Review
9. Celebrate
10. Execute

(Click here to read my original blog posts on the disciplines.)

After a lot of research, reading, more research, and writing, I decided to revamp these 10 disciplines. Although they where close, it seemed they needed to be refined to better reflect my own experience and what was floating to the top in the research. So, moving forward, the ten disciplines of a learning organization are:

1. Review and Reflect Openly
2. Collaborate and Discuss Across Boundaries
3. Measure and Identify Success
4. Always Keep Moving
5. Focus and Simplify
6. Develop and Educate People
7. Be Candid
8. Experiment and Create  
9. Celebrate Your Success
10. Religiously Execute

These probably need one more pass. I'm not sold on 9, as it probably can wrap into 3. I have a few ideas to replace 9 that hit the cutting room floor earlier, but they probably need a second look. 

So, for those of you that have been asking, that is where I am with the book project. I'm about 15,000 words in with rough content. I hope to be near 30,000 by the time I'm done. It will be some time before I can jump back into this project, but it's not dead yet. I still hope to be a published author one of these days. There's a lot of work ahead, both in research and developing my writing skills. Luckily I've got some great friends that are skilled authors and proof readers. I will be calling on you soon!

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