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Easter 2012 Script

This past Easter (2012) I produced a creative piece for our weekend services. The piece revolved around a performance of the song "Christ is Risen" by Matt Maher. It featured cello, acoustic, two vocals, and percussion live on stage. We also used some digital tracks in the performance that included a second electric part, a second acoustic part, and a bell part. Credit to our Access worship leader, Ryan Shields, for arranging the music. He did a stellar job.

The piece also featured a two part reading by my cousin, Tyler Huckabee. The script was originally written by Mark Demel. It was edited significantly by Tyler for this specific performance. I can't say enough about the work Tyler did on this piece, both in arranging the script and performing the piece. It was awesome. Here is the video:

Let’s Take a Shovel

Part 1

We are complex.
Filled with mystery.
And laced with history.
We bow with our hearts.
But to what? To whom?
To death and gloom
if it were left to us.
And it is…
Left to us.

Our decisions, our choices,
following the voices
that lead us to the edge.
Where love knocks on the cold crust of us.
We need it our way.  We’re hoping to stay
in that place of control,
We want to show,
that we are worthy of His love…

But it is a gift.
Bestowed with love,
Confirmed from above,
the son of God did it all.
Though when I think of it I shake
the heart sometimes breaks.
So meek He was, yes – but that does not mean weak, he was.
Arms outstretched,
Grabbing the edge of heaven and earth and dragging them together
and with the nails stitching what-it-SHOULD-be to what-it-can-be.
His broken body shouts:
“eliminate the doubts.”
“I have come for you.”

Can you see it?
Look over there,
take your time and stare,
because that is where,
the unknowable became known.
Where pure love was shown.

Part 2

In our complexity or some hidden schematic,
genetic disposition, memories in the attic
we recreate the barrier,
we have become a carrier
of the lies he tells us – we aren’t worth it
we buy it and we build it –
a wall, a new curtain, what it is we’re not certain
but a shelter from the light,

This I can assure you,
and you know it’s true:
Get ten thousand people in this room somehow –
we’d have ten thousand sicknesses, too, right now.
If you think “not me” – you may have the worst of it
because that’s how it went with the ones who were first with it.
Adam and Eve couldn’t conceive
of the trail they’d leave behind
and we gladly follow
choosing to wallow
in sin – yes – it’s the blind and the blind.

We wonder if the whole thing is made up,
that we should have gave up,
a long time ago and piece by piece we build the wall on OUR side.
And He lets us go.
He watches it rise through teary-eyed vision
as he stares in sorrow that we won’t accept his mission.
His heart aches.
Our backs break.

This is why we visit this place-
We have to be retold,
until we get old,
that we ARE worth it.
The goodness of the gift
is greater than the rift
that the devil wants us to believe.
For the One we follow
is not at all hollow
He can back up his words.
He IS the word, and what he says comes from the Father,
and comes to BE –
that’s why WE,
can trust him and know him and bend our knee.
As long as we’re breathing
We have to keep believing
What’s real and not just what we see.

Because there is another level,
so let’s each take a shovel
and knock down the wall from our side.
Be free. Just see.
What He can do.
What He will do.
He is good. He is good. And He is right alongside you.
He’s not in the tabernacle.
He’s not in the grave.
He’s alive. He’s here.
He has risen.

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