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Google Drive :: Finally Here

It's finally here and live. I got the official e-mail tonight at about 9:45pm as the admin on my Google business apps account. I'm stoked about this release. You could see it coming, not only because of the code that referenced "G Drive", but also in the general direction that Google Docs has been taking. So, let me break down the service for you just a bit.

- Google Drive replaces what we now know as Google Docs
- Mobile apps and desktop client is available immediately
- It will be available on an opt in basis via a schedule release over the next few weeks
- Users will be offered 5 GB of storage free, which is a great upgrade from 1 GB

- Google Drive will offer the ability to store and sync about 30 file types including native Photoshop
- It offers the ability to purchase more storage, starting at 20 GB
- Google Drive will sync files across Mac, PC, and mobile devices like Android and iOS
- You still get the added benefits of creating Google Documents
- You still get the awesome sharing features you've come to love in Google Docs
- Google Drive retains the comments and group editing features which are very unique
- The Chrome Store already offers some great app integration

As mentioned, the Google Chrome store already offers some great Google Drive extension applications. The applications get added directly to your Google Drive "Create" button as a file option. They include items such as video editing projects or sketch up type files. Built in extensions and cross-application integration exists. Google drive will, of course, have direct integration with Google+. You can post content from your drive like pictures or videos right to Google+. GMAIL will also integrate with Google drive. No more need to upload from your computer and e-mail the attachment. Just pull from your Google drive. No uploading needed. With the ability to publish files to the web, you can embed files and pictures to websites and social media profiles.

The largest players Google is working against here are Box, Apple, Evernote, and Dropbox. All of these products offer great features of their own. I'll try to keep things brief, so the bottom line is that Google Drive is what Apple should have launched with iDrive and didn't. I'm an Apple guy, so don't think I'm one of those "Android rules, Apple Drools" kinda folks. I'm writing this blog post in Blogger, but I'm using my 27" iMac at home. I spent the day in the office working on my Mac Book Pro and my iPad. I love Apple products, but they absolutely missed the mark on iDrive. Of course Drop Box and Box offer similar services, but struggle to gain the cross platform integration. Dropbox probably has the best ability in this area right now. Evernote excels in documents and note taking.

Google Drive wins in all of these categories in my book. It offers the desktop and mobile synch, just like other players, but they do it with a significantly better and more integrated interface. Apple iDrive is great for syncing files across Apple products, but that's about it. Google offers the ability to sync and store significantly more file types and access them like a true drive folder. Further, Google provides their powerful and fun sharing and collaboration tools. Check out this chart...

All in all, this is an amazing product launch that I'm excited to start using. Some stories have been made of the privacy policy and security here with Google. People are always making a deal of Google's privacy policy because they are the "big fish". It's happened with Apple too. In the end, there isn't anything in Google's privacy or security that is significantly different than these other players like Dropbox or Evernote. In my opinion, unless you work for the government, don't worry about it. Just enjoy the amazing features this has to offer. The power that this has for small business is incredible!

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