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Sticky Stuff, Take 3

Sticky Stuff is a series of posts about what's sticking with me these days. Music, pictures, videos, scripture, books, and anything else that has been sticking around.

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Neon Trees - Weekend
Fun - Carry On
The Derek Trucks Band - Anyday
The Derek Trucks Band - Something To Make You Happy
Maynard Ferguson - Lush Life

I was thinking the other day that creating a set design with umbrellas would be really cool. Than I found this blog post of someone who already did it and it looks awesome!

After finding that set design I started reading more of Kyle Kutter's blog and found it incredibly interesting. So check our more of his writing on technology, church, and idea execution.

I don't really watch the Anderson Cooper show a lot, but I stumbled upon it the other day and I fell in love the set and lighting look. I love the high color temp look, open feel, and soaring glass backdrop. I Think it's a brilliant move for TV because it looks different than anything else on. It really pops and grabs your attention.

"Effectiveness is a discipline." -Peter Drucker

"Knowledge is useless until it has been translated into deeds." -Peter Drucker

"You get results from exploiting opportunities, not solving problems." -Peter Drucker

The new intro video made by Jordan Green for our Online Campus at Christ Community.

Google Drive :: Finally Here

Why Leaders Should Learn to Listen