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Excellence Can Be Fun

Ben Huh
"Mediocrity is not a proxy for success"

Earlier last week I tossed up a post with three things that have stuck with me since Big Omaha 2011. These aren't just little notes I have, but things that I've really internalized and have changed the way I work and live. I've written more in depth about one from Gary Vaynerychuk which you can read here. Another of those learnings was stated by Ben Huh when he claimed, "mediocrity is not a proxy for success". I'd like to explore how I've built on that statement over the past year.

When Ben first took the Big Omaha stage that morning you could tell he was a funny and quirky guy. I mean this dude has made his living with funny cat pictures! As he began to speak I was prepared for funny anecdotes and lighthearted stories - nothing too earth shattering. Yet as he spoke one thing became abundantly clear: this guy was serious business. He jokes and has fun, but if you really listen you can see he's not messing around. He knows what he is doing and he's intentional. Ben understands that creating mediocre content is not a recipe for success. He understands excellence in his work is critical. That really resonated with me.

My take away from Ben was a reminder that excellence is significant. I was challenged and encouraged in the importance of doing everything with a purpose and intentionality. Signing my work with the highest level of quality. Jim Collins work has been very important to me over the years, but specifically his work on simplicity and excellence. It's really a core value of mine, and Ben's work has been an inspiration to that end. When I was working with Robert Murphy on the launch on our online campus we made major decisions based on excellence. If we where going to do this thing, we knew it had to quality before anything else. Simple and excellent. Ben's work, along with his Big Omaha talk from 2011, stands as a reminder that fun still needs to be excellent and excellent can still be fun.

Over the past twelve months since Big Omaha, I've continued to learn that mediocrity will not bring success. Excellence matters, even with funny cat pictures.

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