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Sticky Stuff, Take 4

Sticky stuff is my blog series on the things that are sticking with me these days. Music, quotes, video, scripture, pictures, and anything else. Whatever is inspiring me or simply sticking around. Here you go...

"It's a higher value to be flexible on short notice than perfect with 3 weeks notice." -Bill Hybels

"You have to have so much flexibility in your capability." -Bill Hybels

"Becoming a great creative is about sitting and paying attention to the world that is passing everyone else bye." -Blaine Hogan

"Leadership shows you the problem, not the solution." -Travis Williams

"Create like you have to support it" -Kevin Hale

Travis Williams introduced me to this group called AntiVJ. The visual art they produce is amazing.

Two AWESOME speakers from Big Omaha. You should really find some time to watch these. Excellent content.

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