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Why I Attend Big Omaha

1. The amazing speakers
2. The amazing people
3. Everyone is looking to connect
4. Jeff Slobotski
5. People leave their egos at home
6. Kaneko is an awesome space
7. It's in Omaha
8. I learn a ton about creativity
9. The coffee from Scooters
10. I love the "stand up and cheer" routine for every speaker
11. The energy around the entire event is contagious
12. It's in Omaha. I love Omaha.
13. The acceptance of the Big Omaha community is incredible
14. The size of the event is perfect
15. The branding and design of the event is really quite good
16. The photo booth
17. Did I mention the coffee yet?
18. Last year we were given multiple free books. I love to read.
19. Its use of social media adds a lot to the experience
20. I learn so much about executing on ideas
21. It fills you with energy to pursue your goals
22. The event itself is very "down to earth"
23. Gary Vaynerchuk (I hope he stops by again)
24. The Cow
25. The fact that it sells out
26. The "staying power" it has all year
27. It's fun
28. It inspires you towards what's possible
29. Its progressive
30. It's practical
31. It draws the right kind of attention
32. It addresses social issues
33. You can learn what works from true entrepreneurs
34. They're not afraid to address failure
35. It's authentic
36. They give you lunch. That's cool.
37. The price is very fair for the value it creates
38. The friendships and connections I've made are great
39. The conference take's risks to grow each year
40. Attendee's don't take themselves too seriously
41. It adds value to Omaha
42. It's helped me grow personally and professionally
43. It creates an outlet to discuss change
44. One more shout out to the coffee. I love coffee.

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