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33 Ways To Solve Your Problems

If you're anything like me, you've got a couple of challenges infront of you right now as a leader. If you're also like me, many of these challenges are very approachable. They fall within a particular skill set or level of experience we have that makes us quite confident we can prevail. Some are just down right hard though. Many can even be frustrating, complicated, confusing, or dare we say, "disillusioning".  Often these feelings, combined with the craziness of life, force us to throw big ticket challenges to the back burner - way to the back burner. In my opinion, this is an incredible disservice to ourselves and our organizations.

Eureka moments are incredibly rare. It's not often we'll just come up with some brilliant solution out of thin air. It is much more likely the solutions to your major challenges will come with dedicated and disciplined action. Sound like hard work? It is, but it's worth it! If you are just flat out stuck, here are a 33 ways to work at finding a solution. If one doesn't work, trying something else. The most important thing is that we keep trying!

1. Read a book on the subject.

2. Talk to someone who has successfully solved a similar problem.

3. Identify all the players involved and think about the problem from their perspective.

4. Bring together some stakeholders for a brainstorm session on the issue.

5. Take a small step towards change or improvement. Sometimes just one step gets things moving.

6. Write, journal, and blog about the challenge.

7. Hire a consultant.

8. Set up limited trial runs of new ideas.

9. Use social media and/or a company blog to crowd source potential solutions.

10. Reconsider things that haven't worked in the past.

11. Read the book, "Cracking Creativity".

12. If it's a big enough challenge, consider bringing on a full time hire.

13. Do something out of your routine while you work on the idea or issue.

14. Diagram and chart the history of the challenge. Can you see any trends?

15. Try expressing the challenge in different ways like a drawing or poem.

17. Make it the last thing you consider before going to bed and let your subconscious work.

18. Consider the inverse of your problem. Need the best? Define the worst.

19. Define what you don't want or should stop doing.

20. Attempt to take a literal photograph of the problem or opportunity.

21. Change your body posture to a more open or powerful position.

22. Exercise. 

23. Gather a focus group of users, customers, or clients.

24. Ask more defined questions.

25. Theoretically remove constraints.

26. Spend time admiring great art.

27. Redefine the problem in new language.

28. Consider synonyms.

29. Draw a cause and effect diagram.

30. Consider past success in other projects. Specifically, why did they work?

31. Crank up some music that gives you energy.

32. Put your ideas in writing.

33. Reduce complexity and simplify. Stabilize the situation.

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