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Leadership Summit Wrap Up :: Condoleezza Rice

Democracy - one man, one vote - can not be tryrrany. The strong can not exploit the week. This is not stable.

The strong must not exploit the weak, but hold up and support the weak. Government cannot put this into the heart of every person. When the strong exploit the weak, democracy is not stable. Citizens of a democracy must make this a value themselves.

Every life is worthy. This must be implied in a democracy for it to be sustainable. In democracy no one is condemned forever into the situation in which they where born. At least, no one should be. We must accept that every life is worth something and thus capable of greatness. We have a responsibility as citizens, than, to make sure that opportunity is there. Government can not do this for us.

There is a lot the government can do, but it can not deliver compassion. People deliver compassion. This is a function or role of people, not government. We must be compassionate and care for people.

Education empowers. We give people control of their own future by giving them an education. In education it doesn’t matter where you are coming from but only matters where you are going. But today, as we look at the education system in certain areas, is this really true? Every life is capable of greatness. With this value, we should look towards changing our education system which now is predictable in performance based on zip code.

So how do we lead during these troubling times and during these challenges? Perhaps the greatest responsibility of leadership is helping people to see their own potential and leadership qualities. Further, the most irrepressible trait of a leader is their optimism. No one wants to follow the negative. But how do we remain optimistic?

First, keep your perspective. Haven't others had it harder than you? Hasn't history proven more difficult than this. Even during 9/11 there where still times in history Condoleezza could look to that where more difficult.

Second, if you focus on today’s headlines instead of working for tomorrow's judgement, you will become negative or fail. We must always work towards the future, towards the solutions, and towards change.

Third,  it is a privilege to struggle. When we aren’t, we become convinced of our own talent. Condoleezza often looked to Romans chapter 5 for inspiration to this end.

Finally, perhaps the greatest way to stay positive is to remember that there have been many times that seemed to dark, but people, things, God prevailed. We can overcome these things if we focus on the future. Somehow things that once seemed impossible, now seem inevitable. This is due to the work of those who don’t accept the world as it is but work for the world as it should be.

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