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5 Creative Books Every Young Professional Should Read

Creativity and innovation are critical skills every young professional needs today. A 2010 IBM Global survey of more than 1500 CEO's found creativity as the number one trait identified in successful business people. We must have the ability to problem solve, quickly developing unique and effective solutions. How do we develop that skill? How do we consistently have great ideas?

Here's a good starting point. These five books are must reads!

The Accidental Creative
An absolute must read work by author Todd Henry. This book explores incredibly practical and useful information around the idea of being consistently creative.

The Impact Equation
A top notch book exploring what it means to really have impact. How do we create ideas that really connect and grow instead of simply adding to the noise around you? This book is your answer.

Cracking Creativity
This is a manual of sorts. Think of it as a straight forward field guide to creativity. It explores dozens of helpful tips, tricks, and exercises that will amp up your personal creativity and your teams innovation.

Made to Stick
A master work on what sticks with people, this book by Dan and Chip Heath explores how to make your ideas connect.  It will change the way you communicate and develop your message.

Author and Creative Director Blaine Hogan writes a very honest and transparent reflection on the creative process. An uncensored piece that will connect on a deep level with anyone who has tried their hand at a creative endeavor.

What are some of the best resources you've found while developing your creativity?

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