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Focus in 2013

"Knowing does little for you - it's doing that matters. If you want to thrive you must dedicate yourself to doing the little things that few people are willing to do. Remember: Successful, consistently brilliant people do the little (too obvious, too simple, too commonsensical) things that no one else is doing. This is what will set you apart, too."

"You must get comfortable with eliminating things in your life that are geting in the way of clarity and focus."

-Todd Henry, The Accidental Creative

I've never been much for resolutions in a new year - but I am intrigued by a fresh start. An opportunity to set out on a new adventure. An opportunity to do things differently I suppose. There's something about changing at the start of a new year that makes sense and seems more intentional and organized. I like that part.

As we rang in 2012 I decided it would be the year to organize my digital life. I committed to Google products. I ditched WordPress and launched on Blogger (which also led to the new look you see here today). I ditched DropBox and went with Google Drive. I doubled down on GMail, organized around Google Calendar instead of iCal, and went with an Android phone for better alignment. The change has been a success.

2012 brought a lot of opportunity, a healthy amount of challenge, a large portion of life change, and left a giant pile of distractions. Some disguised as opportunity, while others are simply challenge and change. Whatever the cause, 2013 must be a year of focus. A year to simplify and organize my priorities. A year of choices between good things.

Things I'll stop doing?
I've decided to stop teaching at Nebraska Christian College.
I'm blogging less often.
I'm watching less football, and other sports, these days.
I'm spending less time in the office.

Things that will get an amplified focus in 2013?
I'll be having a daughter in May - more family focus.
More inspiration - focus on reading and staying inspired creatively.
Thrive Development Group will get an increased focus.

Here's to a great 2013. A year to focus on the little things. A year to walk away from the good opportunities to focus on the greatest opportunities. This will be the year to spend more time executing on what I know, increasing effectiveness, and being intentional. I look forward giving more time to the details.

What will you be doing different in 2013?

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