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The Crutch of Busyness

Some of the greatest things in life come in stillness and reflection.






I can think of few things we should value in life more than these. Who wouldn't want more creative ideas, more connection with God, deeper thoughts, and greater learning and development.

It's almost like stillness and reflection are the holy grail for time spent.

And yet, I rarely do it. It's hard. It's awkward. It seems, ironically, like a waste of time.

Sometimes I'm even scared. There can be an element of fear with silence and reflection. Or maybe we could view busyness as a crutch or a security blanket. A comfortable default that takes little effort. A path of least resistance. It doesn't require that we grow, reflect, learn, dream, risk, or connect with God. It's kind of an avoidance I suppose.

But why avoid these things? After all, nothing worth doing is easy. That may be the ultimate indictment of busyness. Busyness is easy - few have to work hard at getting busy. Filling life with "stuff" - that's easy too. Once I've filled life with stuff and busyness, than I use them as my excuse for a lack of meaningful work or accomplishment.

"well - I'm just too busy to read that book, tackle that idea, develop that thought, think of a new direction, change, grow, learn, develop..."

What might happen if I really took time for stillness, reflection, growth, ideas, and development. I suppose that means I'm accountable for that time and I lose my excuses. But, than again, I'll never get those things unless I try and embrace the awkwardness of stillness.

Is anyone else with me, or am I the only one who's taken the time to reflect on this idea (yes, yes, I see the irony in this question)?

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