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6 Roadblocks to Learning

PRIDE: Ouch - maybe I should have eased into this one. Pride is killer. It kills our ability to learn, grow, and develop. Pride and growth don't coexist. Confidence is critical. Pride is detrimental. Drop the facade and get excited about learning. You'd be surprised at the learning experiences you'll get when you humble yourself a bit.

FEAR: Learning and growth are vulnerable places. They require us to step out and expose our weakest areas. They require us to leave comfortable and jump into unknown. It requires trust, confidence, and calculated risk. Fear has no place in the learning process.

COMPARISON: We often don't try because we see others that are better. The fact is, someone is always better. Always. That's a critical reason we must keep learning! You have to focus on being the best version of you, not the best version of someone else.

LACK OF OPPORTUNITY: It's mostly an excuse. Go get yourself an opportunity to learn. Just start. Make something - anything. Take whatever opportunity you have, don't get hung up on the "right" way to do things. Just do something. Meet someone. Get started.

BUSINESS: Henry Nouwen writes, "Create a lonely place in the middle of your actions and concerns - success and failures slowly loose power over you." Put more simply, take the time to slow down and reflect. This is how we learn from experience.

LAZINESS: This may be our biggest battle. Excuse after excuse will come about for comfort. The stretch seems too big. The opportunity just isn't there. You don't want to seem "stupid". Can you push through the excuses? Can you beat back the laziness enough to move forward? We all struggle with it. Entire companies struggle with it (RIM, BestBuy, Windows, Hostess, B of A, to name just a few). Get up, get out, go do.

What keeps you from learning?

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