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Pray For Boston

Why do these things happen? How can we prevent them?

More laws possibly. More security measures.

We need change, yes. Real change takes real work. I mean actual, real, work.

The only way any of this changes - the only way we reverse course - is for each of us to do some work.

We can send "our thoughts", tweet about change, and ask questions all day long but it doesn't really change anything. These aren't bad things I suppose. Awareness is important. Actual change, though, will never take place until we actually do work.

So if Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon, the Aurora Theater, or any number of smaller scale but equally senseless acts of violence make you passionate for change, funnel that passion towards action.

What should you do? Something - anything really. Volunteer at your church. Get involved in your community. Go read at the elementary school. Mentor a kid.

Nothing will change - nothing will get better - unless we all do some real work.

Change is hard work and it starts with us doing whatever we can in our own circle of influence. It starts with each person taking some sort of tangible action.

How could you change the local community? Go do it.

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