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The Most Useful Video Software You've Never Heard Of

I've worked in the professional audio/video industry for about a decade. I've been a Church Technical Director, Consultant, and Contractor in those years. In each f those roles I continually need a few key things in a video rig:

1. I need some video scopes. I need the ability to pull up RGB parade, Vectroscope, Waveform, or a combination of those. I often need these in different applications as well. I might need them for a video piece already made or I might need them on a live video input or output. Any number of applications. Over the years technology has advanced and I have found unique solutions. Manufacturers like Black Magic and Panasonic have started including these things in their products as well, which helps from time to time. We've come a ways from the $10K or more people would spend 10 years ago on scopes.

2. I need the ability to do live video time slip. That is, I need to take a live video feed (usually HDSDI) and delay in anywhere from seconds to minutes. Until recently, the most reliable solution for this I was comfortable with was the iDDR T2 series from Grass Valley. Still a great deck, but has it's limitations and costs around $15K on average. Not very approachable for most.

Ten years ago this may have cost me $25,000 or more to put into a video rig. Today it's less, but still expensive. These features should really be in every good video rig, no matter how complex, to make it reach it's full potential. How can we make these tools approachable for everyone?

I've know discovered a piece of software I've been searching for for 10 years. Some of you may know it, but I imagine many of you don't.


ScopeBox retails for a incredible... wait for it... $99. Yes, you read that correctly.

ScopeBox will do live video time slip. ScopeBox will give you all the video scopes you need. ScopeBox will take any video input on your computer (like a BlackMagic card), and it even will work around multiple sources. Here are some screen shots.

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