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I Could Care Less About Politics

Right now, I could care less about politics.

I don't care about Republican issues or Democrat agendas. I don't care about the Tea Party or the NRA. I don't care about Obamacare, the debt ceiling, or foreign policy. It all is quite meaningless to me right now.

Here is what I do care about: leadership. Or, more accurately, the lack of leadership our country has. This goes for every party and every national leader, and that would include our President (whom this republican voted for).

What worries me the most is the inability of anyone to really lead or to really drive progress. No one has found the ability to influence anyone else - and that is a scary place to be. Politics and issues don't matter if we can't get a thing done. All I see is a load of grandstanding, finger pointing, and "broken down talks". Debate is inherent to politics, and I by no means am naive enough to wish for some Kumbaya moment. But unity of purpose and mission is profoundly different from blind agreement or lack of debate.

Our country desperately lacks a compelling vision.

In the end, I think most of my disappointment lies with the President. I'm not writing from the perspective of providing him answers. This is hardly one of those "five steps to fixing the government" kind of posts. Still, I know lack of leadership when I see it. It's a hard job - maybe an impossible job at this point - but it is his job.

For anything to matter and for progress to be made in any direction, the leaders of this country are going to have to figure out how to actually lead. That is, how to influence others to take action. I hope that, for all of our sakes, someone figures it out soon.

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