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Is Your Workspace Killing Your Creativity?

Regulation space = regulation ideas.

The physical and psychological spaces of an organization work in tandem to define the effectiveness of the people within it.
— TIm Brown
The things we think about are products of the art around us: the conversations among educated folk, the shared information, tools, and technology around us.
— Clive Thompson
You are a mashup of what you choose to let in to your life... a sum of your influences.
— Austin Kleon
We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.
— Goethe

It's really quite easy to arrive at the conclusion that our physical space and surroundings influence us. The false conclusion would be to assume we need one particular kind of place, or to assume your current space is all wrong. We need multiple ideas of all different shapes and sizes, thus we most likely need multiple places of influence. We should be intentional about location and surroundings based upon the desired outcomes. Your work desk may be a space focused on idea execution. It might be minimal, streamlined, and free of distraction. A favorite coffee shop might be a place to go and let your imagination run free. Maybe you need to go plant in another department to encourage collaboration on an idea.

There is no particular formula for great ideas. There is no particular space for great ideas. There is a principal though: space influences us. Spend time considering your desired outcomes and how your space is influencing those outcomes. Be sure your location is a positive influence.

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