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Eleven Simple Leadership Themes

Eleven simple phrases with brevity that I find again and again as I study leadership. While I may attribute them to a particular person, they are found all over the place. Many of them are almost common sense - but that doesn't make them any less significant.

I. Simplify and pursue excellence (via Jim Collins)

II. Always know why (via Simon Sinek)

III. Be intentional, be present

IV. Execution is the game (via Gary Vaynerchuck)

V. It'll look better in the morning - be optimistic (via General Collin Powell)

VI. Don't throw stones - courageously ask questions

VII. Service breeds influence, the currency of leadership (via that guy Jesus)

VIII. Leadership is intentional influence (via Joseph Grenny)

IX. People need to be reminded more than taught

X. Satisfaction is the driver, not money (via Patrick Lencioni)

XI. Promote on potential, not performance (via General Collin Powell)

Using Emotion for Leadership :: Infographic

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