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I believe leadership can be learned and developed. Some may disagree, feeling that leadership is something you are born with, but I think that's a mistake. Leadership isn't some "mystical magic" trait that some people have and others just don't. We can not only learn to be leaders, but we can continue to develop into better leaders.

So what is "leadership development" anyway? How exactly, in a concrete way, do we develop people into leaders? I thought I would start taking a stab at these questions by pulling together some writing and resources that I think help bring some concrete, actionable, steps to leadership development. Stay tuned to this page as I will continue to add resources here that include videos, books, and some of my own writing content. I hope that it provides all of us some concrete and actionable steps we can take to increase our own leadership potential and also to develop the leadership potential in others. There will be much, much, more detail and information to come here in the very near future.

1. "Developing the Leader Within You" by John Maxwell (Good Basics)
2. "Developing the Leaders Around You" by John Maxwell (Good Basics)
3. "Leading at a Higher Level" by Ken Blanchard (Intermediate Level)
4. "Winning" by Jack Welch (Intermediate Level)
5. "On Becoming a Leader" by Warren Bennis (Intermediate Level)
6. "Managing Change and Transition" by Richard Luecke, HBR (Intermediate Level)
7. "The Bible" by God

1. Defining and Developing Leaders by Micah Yost
2. 3 Actions You Can Take To Shift Your Emotional State by Michael Hyatt
3. 5 Ways to Become a More Authentic Leader by LaRae Quy
4. Why Influence Matters by Mike Myatt
5. Why Should Anyone Be Led By You by Mike Myatt
6. How To Enhance Your Authority Without Being Bossy by Dan Rockwell
7. Nine Things Successful People Do Differently by Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D.
8. An Introvert's Guide To Networking by Lisa Petrilli

1. N2Growth
2. Leadership Freak
3. Michael Hyatt
4. Seapoint Center
5. Seth Godin

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